Displaying Localized User Names in Display Language

Article Number:020235

To display localized user names in display language, you need to configure a "Localized Name".

A "localized name" can be configured for each user.
It will allow user names to be shown in the language of user preference. For example, Japanese names will be displayed when the display language is set as Japanese, and English names will be displayed when the display language is set as English.

Example: When the display name is "田中 愛美"

As this display name is in Japanese, it is inconvenient for users who do not understand Japanese.
If you pre-configure notations for each language as shown below, it would help those users to understand her user name.

  • In Japanese: 田中 愛美
  • In other languages: Manami Tanaka
  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click "Users & System Administration".

  3. Click Departments & Users.
    Example of menu

  4. Enter a display name or a login name of the user in the search box to search the target user.
    You can also expand the department tree and select the target user.

  5. Click Edit icon for the user.
    Image showing the icon

  6. In "Localized Name", enter the user name appropriate for each display language.
    Image showing the field

  7. Click Save.