If You Receive an 'Increase the Number of Allowed Users, or Reduce the Number of Registered Users.' Message

Article Number:020231

This page provides solutions when the following error message is displayed in Kintone Users & System Administration.

Example of the Error Message

It is displayed on Service Usage.

The number of Kintone users exceeds the limit. Increase the number of allowed users, or reduce the number of registered users.

Screenshot: An error message is displayed on the header

Cause and Solution

The above error message is displayed when the number of current users exceeds the maximum number of licensed users.
It is caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Cause 1: You have not reduced the number of users after you deleted a licensed user
  • Cause 2: The number of users added for trial exceeds the number of users you purchased

To solve the error, you need to perform one of the following actions.

When the Number of License Users Exceeds the Limit, Does the Service Become Unavailable Immediately?

Exceeding the maximum number of licensed users does not mean Kintone becomes unavailable immediately.
However, if the number of licensed users keeps exceeding the limit for a certain period, we might disallow you to use the domain.