Changing the Department Membership of a User

  1. On the "Kintone Users & System Administration" page, under "User Administration", click "Departments & Users".
    Image of Departments and Users

  2. Select a department from the list on the left, and click Image for the user you want.
    Image of selecting departments and users

    • To remove the user from a department:
      In the "Department" section, click "x" to right of the department you want to remove.
      Image of deselecting departments from a user
    • To add the user to a department:
      In "Department" section, click Image to select the department you want.
      To assign a job title, select the desired job title from the drop-down list to the right of the department name.
      Image of adding departments and job titles
  3. Click "Save".
    Image of the Save button