Custom Fields

Article Number:020223

User information contain default fields that can be used to register names and departments of users.
Items of User Information
Apart from these default fields, fields which administrators can freely add are referred to as "custom fields".

Locations of Added Custom Fields

Screen to add/change user information

Added custom fields are displayed in "Optional" fields.
Screenshot: The added custom fields are displayed

"Profile" screen

It appears at the bottom of the screen.
Screenshot: The added custom fields are displayed

Field Codes Used in the System

As the strings shown below are used by, they cannot be specified for field codes for custom fields.

  • display_name
  • display_name_language
  • nickname
  • foreign_key
  • locale
  • base
  • usergroups
  • primary_group
  • attendee
  • sort_key
  • email_address
  • description
  • post
  • telephone_number
  • url
  • image

Maximum Number of Custom Fields Allowed

You can add up to 50 custom fields.
For the maximum length allowed for each field, refer to the following page:
Custom Fields in the User Details