Forbidding Specific User's Access

Article Number:020212

If you want to forbid a specific user from accessing the system for some reason, perform the following actions.

STEP 1: Deactivating Users

First, change the status of the target user to be "Inactive".
The users cannot log in to once they became inactive.
Deactivating Users
Screenshot: Edit User screen. The status is set to "Inactive"

User deletion cannot be undone.
Any data associated with that user is also deleted.
What Happens to Data When a User Is Deleted?

For this reason, it would be safe to check the conditions below before deleting users.

  • Whether inactivating users affects the operation of Kintone
  • If there are data that should be backed up

STEP 2: Checking the Status of Deactivated User

After STEP 1 is completed, perform the tasks below according to the user's status.

For retired users

Delete those users from Kintone Users & System Administration.
Deleting Users

For users on temporary leave or temporary assignment

Make those users inactive during the period they will not log in to
Revert their status to "Active" when they come back.
Reactivating Users

Change their login names, passwords, or departments, as necessary.
Changing User Information