If You Receive a 'Language for Localized Name Is Not Valid' Message

Article Number:020143

This page provides a solution for a situation where you receive the following error message when you import user information from a CSV file.

Example of the Error Message

It is displayed on the "Import from File" screen.

SLASH_IL18: "Language for Localized Name" at line n is not valid.
Only "ja", "en", "zh", or "zh-TW" can be entered.

Screenshot: An error message is displayed

Cause and Solution

You receive the error message above when the value specified for "Language for Localized Name" is not correct.
It is caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Cause 1: You imported a CSV file without selecting "Skip header row" on the "Import from File" screen even though the file has field names.
  • Cause2: The text is not in the language specified in "Language for Localized Name".

To solve the error, perform the following action.

  1. Open the CSV file and check the value specified in "Language for Localized Name".
    Specify one of the following languages depending on the "Localized Name" setting.

    • Japanese: ja
    • English: en
    • Simplified Chinese: zh
    • Traditional Chinese: zh-TW
    • If you do not want to configure "Localized Name": blank
  2. In Kintone Users & System Administration, import the CSV file.
    STEP 4: Importing the Updated CSV File

  3. Confirm that "Import Results" shows Completed. Screenshot: Completed is highlighted