For Department Administrators: Adding Departments

A department administrator can add a child to a parent department when the department administrator has administrative privileges for the parent department.

Use the following procedure to add a child department.

  1. On the "Kintone Users & System Administration" page, under "User Administration", click Departments & Users. Image of the "Departments and Users"

  2. On "Departments & Users" screen, hover the mouse cursor over the gear icon of the parent department.
    Click "Add Child Department" from the list. Image of the "Add Child Department"

  3. Fill in the fields as needed.
    Required fields are indicated with "*".
    Department details consist of the fields listed below.

    Field Name Description
    • Display Name
    • Enter the name of the department that will appear in the services.
    • Localized Name
    • Enter a name for the department that will appear for users who uses the specified language.
    Department Code Enter a code unique to this department. If you leave this field blank, the system sets a string automatically.
    Parent Department Select a parent from departments for which you have administrative privileges.
    Description Enter a description of the department.
    This description does not appear on any pages other than the "Kintone Users & System Administration" page.
  4. Click "Save" to complete the settings.