For Department Administrators: Adding Departments

Article Number:020126

A department administrator can add a child to a parent department when the department administrator has administrative privileges for the parent department.

Use the following procedure to add a child department.

  1. Access the following URL: https://(subdomain_name)

  2. Click Administration.

    Image showing the button

  3. Click Departments & Users.
    Example of menu

  4. Click gear icon for the parent department.

  5. Click Add Child Department. Example of link

  6. Configure values such as department name and department code.

    Field Description
    • Display Name:
      Enter the division/section name according to the actual organization chart.
    • Localized Name:
      Enter the department name in the language that the users can display.
      For example, you can type "営業部" for users who use Japanese or "Sales.Dev" for users who use English.
    department code A string to identify the department.
    Make sure you type the string which has not already been used for different department.
    If you leave the field empty, an automatically generated code is configured.
    Adding a Department with the Same Name
    Parent Department You configure it only when you create a hierarchy of departments.
    You can select a parent department from existing departments.
    Description Enter the short description of the department and the attributes of members.
    The description provided here is only visible to Kintone Users & System Administrators and department administrators.
  7. Click Save.