Opening an Audit Log File in Excel

Article Number:02087

Audit logs are exported in CSV file format (UTF-8).
If you open this CSV file directly in Microsoft Excel ("Excel"), it might be garbled.

To prevent the file from being garbled, follow the steps described below to open the file.
This is an example using Excel 2016.

  1. On your PC, start Excel.
    Create a new Excel workbook, instead of opening the downloaded file directly.

  2. Select "Data" tab in Excel menus.

  3. In the "Get & Transform Data" group, click "From Text/CSV".

  4. Select the downloaded audit log file.

  5. Click Import.

  6. Select "65001 : Unicode (UTF-8)" for "File Origin" and "Comma" for "Delimiters", and then click Finish. Screenshot: A screen of Excel. Selecting a character encoding and a delimiter