Steps to Get Started (for Administrator)

Article Number:02081

The data necessary to use Kintone is not provided by default.
You need to configure settings for user information and security settings in Kintone Users & System Administration.

The following steps describe how to start Kintone.

STEP 1: Accessing Kintone Users & System Administration

You can access Kintone Users & System Administration as follows:

  1. Open an access URL in the login information e-mail.

  2. Enter your login name and password, and then click "Login".

  3. Click "Users & System Administration".
    Screenshot: "Administration" button

STEP 2: Adding Departments

Add departments based on the organizational structure of your company.
Access permissions and notifications can be configured for each organization if target organizations have already been added.
Adding Departments

STEP 3: Adding Users

Add users who will use Kintone.

STEP 4: Configuring Members of Departments

Associate users added in STEP 3 to the organizations registered in STEP 2.
Changing the Department Members

STEP 5: Configuring Security as Needed

Configure security for login and access from outside the office. These settings can be configured or changed later.

STEP 6: Configuring Other Settings as Needed

Configure other other settings listed below as needed. These settings can be configured or changed later.

STEP 7: Adding Administrators

Users signed up for a trial or purchased the service will become a Kintone Users & System Administrator automatically.
By default, there is only one Kintone Users & System Administrator.
We recommend you to configure multiple administrators to avoid situations such as an absence of the administrator or no one can log into the service.
Adding Kintone Users & System Administrators

STEP 8: Configuring Services

In Kintone, prepare the configuration required for operation.
Preparing for Kintone


  • To which applications allow users to use
  • If there is any access permission to be configured in advance
    and more

STEP 9: Informing Users of Service Availability

Provide users with the following information.

  • Login URL:
  • Login Name
  • Password