Steps to Get Started (for Administrator)

Article Number:02081

This page describes the system settings and user information registration that are required to use Kintone.

The settings for Kintone need to be configured separately.
Configuring Kintone

Logging in to Kintone Users & System Administration

Log in to Kintone Users & System Administration to perform system settings and user administration.

  1. Receive an e-mail which let you know the login information.

  2. Open the login URL.

  3. Enter your login name and password, and then click Login.

    Screenshot: Login Name and Password fields are displayed

  4. Click Administration.
    Screenshot: "Administration" button

System Settings

Changing the URL

Change the URL of Kintone, if necessary.
Changing Subdomains

Configuring Security Settings

Configure the settings such as password policy, account lockout, and access control to use Kintone in a secure way.

Adding Administrators

Kintone Users & System Administrators have all administrative privileges for Kintone, including those that allow them to manage departments and users and configure security settings.
Types of Administrators

At the start of the trial, only one Kintone Users & System Administrator is registered. We recommend that more than one administrator should be registered.
Adding Kintone Users & System Administrators

User Administration

Adding Users and Departments

In Kintone Users & System Administration, add users and departments.

Informing Users of Service Availability

Provide users with the following information.

  • Login URL:
  • Login Name
  • Password

Information on access control should be provided if required.

Configuring Kintone

Configure the necessary settings in Kintone.
Administrator Help