Allowing Accesses Only from Certain Addresses

While permitting smooth accesses from allowed IP addresses, block accesses from other locations.
This setting is suited when you want to block accesses from outside of your company.

Combination of settings
IP Address Restrictions Two-Factor Authentication
Allow specific IP addresses Not configured

STEP1: Informing Users That You Are Going to Allow Accesses Only from Certain Addresses

If you perform the STEP2 described below, users who use their mobile devices via mobile networks (such as 4G) will be denied access to Kintone.
In order to avoid confusion, tell users about the date and time when you change the access control setting.

If you want to allow accesses to users who are on business trips or working remotely while applying IP Address Restrictions, consider either of the following actions.

  • Add networks that users are using to the list of allowed IP addresses.
  • Use IPsec VPN network.

STEP 2: Selecting The "Allow Specific IP Addresses" Option for IP Address Restrictions

  1. Open the "Access Control" screen by referring to Procedure.

  2. Select "Allow specific IP addresses" option for IP Address Restrictions, and specify IP addresses.
    Access control settings screen