Password Expiration

Article Number:02054

Described below are FAQs regarding password expiration.

Start Date of Password Lifetime

The password expiration is calculated starting from the date and time when the user changed the password, not the date and time when the administrator changed the setting.

  • Example:
    User A changed the password on March 1st at 10 AM.
    Then, on March 25th, Kintone Users & System Administrator changed the password expiration setting to 30 days.
    In this case, the password for User A will be valid from "March 1st, 10 AM" to "March 30th, 10 AM" which is 30 days after the start date.
    After March 30th at 10 AM, the password is expired, and the user cannot log in.

What Will Happen if the Password Expiration Date Approaches?

When the number of days remaining before the password expiration date becomes 5, a message appears on the screen which is displayed after login, to inform the user of the days remaining and prompt the user to change the password.
Click the message to change the password.

What Will Happen if the Password Expires?

You cannot log in with an expired password.
If you try to log in, you are directed to the "Reset Password" screen. The user must set a new password before the user can log in to Kintone.

Disabling Password Expiration

If password expiration should not be applied to certain users, you can set their passwords to never expire.
For details, refer to the following page:
Disable Password Expiration

Note that even when the above setting is made, users are requested to change their temporary passwords if password change has been forced to them.
For details, refer to the following page:
Force users to change their passwords on their next login

If Users Are Not Allowed to Change Their Passwords by Themselves

If users are not allowed to change their passwords, password expiration setting is not applied.
To apply password expiration setting, you must allow users to change their passwords.
For details, refer to the following page:
Allowing Users to Change Their Passwords in Their "Profile" Screen