Canceling Automatic Login

Article Number:02050

Automatic login is a feature that allows users to stay logged in even after they close the Web browser.
For details on how to enable the feature, refer to the following page:
Allowing Automatic Login

This page describes how to cancel automatic login.

Method 1: Disabling the Setting for All Users

This should be performed by Kintone Users & System Administrators.

  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.
    Accessing Kintone Users & System Administration

  3. Click Login.
    Screenshot: "Login" is highlighted

  4. Clear "Allow users to automatically log in" checkbox.
    Screenshot: "Allow users to automatically log in" checkbox is cleared

  5. Click Save.

  6. Tell your users that they need to log in again.
    From next time, they will no longer be able to use automatic login.

Method 2: Disabling My Setting Only

Users should perform the action on their own.

  1. Display the login screen.
    If the user has been logged in, log out from the session.

  2. Clear "Remember me" checkbox.
    Screenshot: "Remember me" checkbox is cleared

  3. Enter the login name and password to log in.