IP Addresses That Kintone Uses

Some customers set up an IP address security filter on their e-mail server or other systems. In such cases, IP addresses used by Kintone must be added to the list of allowed addresses.
The IP addresses described on this page are subject to changes or additions for the purpose of service quality improvements or disaster recovery.
If your list of allowed addresses includes the IP addresses used by Kintone, check this page regularly for updates.

Inbound IP Address

IP address of Kintone that users use to connect from their device.

Inbound IP address will be dynamically changed.

Outbound IP Address

IP address that Kintone uses to connect to users' devices or systems.
For details, refer to the following table.

List of IP addresses and the CIDR notation
Domain name *.kintone.com
IP address in CIDR notation,

Information Provided in the List of Allowed Addresses

IP addresses that Kintone uses may be changed or added.
When you create a list of allowed addresses, we recommend you to specify addresses using domains (*.kintone.com) instead of IP addresses.

Domains Used in the Destination Hyperlink of kintone.com

You need to add domains that are used in hyperlink destinations from kintone.com in your list of allowed addresses.

  • *.kintone.com: Homepage
  • *.kintone.help: Help site
  • *.kintone.io: Developer site

If you access other domains (due to customizations and bookmark settings) other than the ones shown above, you must add them to your list of allowed addresses as well. Note that, if you have applied access control, third parties may not be able to use services (including search service) that are used in Kintone Corp Web sites.