Maximum Lengths of Text Fields for Users

Article Number:02020

This section describes the maximum number of characters that you can enter in various fields for user details.
The following table excludes non-text fields:

Maximum Length Allowed
Field Maximum Length
Login Name 128 characters
Display Name 128 characters
New Login Name 128 characters
Password 64 characters
Localized Name 128 characters
Surname 64 characters
Given Name 64 characters
Phonetic Surname 64 characters
Phonetic Given Name 64 characters
E-mail Address 256 characters
Time Zone 256 characters
URL 256 characters
Phone 100 characters
Extension 100 characters
Mobile Phone 100 characters
Employee ID 100 characters
Comment 1,000 characters
Skype Name 256 characters

Custom Fields in the User Details

For details on custom fields, refer to the following page:
Custom Fields

Maximum Length Allowed
Field Maximum Length Notes
Field Name 100 characters
Field Code 100 characters Field Codes Used in the System
Strings that users enter in the profiles 100 characters