Delegating Administrative Privileges of Kintone Users & System Administrators

Article Number:020441

The greater the number of offices and users the departments have, the more the volume of Kintone Users & System Administrators' management tasks.
You may consider delegating the administrative privileges of managing Kintone to multiple users.

Types of Privileges You Can Delegate

Kintone Users & System Administrators have all administrative privileges for Kintone, including those that allow them to manage departments and users and configure security settings.
Among them, you can delegate the following types of administrative privileges.

  • Manage departments and users
  • Manage apps and spaces

Delegating Administrative Privileges for Departments and Users

Configure department administrators in Kintone Users & System Administration.
Department administrator

Delegating Administrative Privileges of Apps and Spaces

In Kintone, configure administrators to whom you want to assign particular management tasks.